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The Two Biggest Pitfalls of Artists

The Two Biggest Pitfalls of Artists

Learn how option overload creates the 2 greatest pitfalls for artists and how to overcome them to create your masterpieces!

Welcome to Krystal's Blog!!!

I love to write, teach, and paint!  I am so excited we have found each other!  Are you an artist or do you just love art!  I think we may find that we have a lot in common!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Krystal Nanette Cooper Meldrum.  I am 40 years old and I am a happily married artist to my high school sweetheart Jeremy Meldrum and we have 6 beautiful children in Payson, Utah.

I graduated in 2001 from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.  I love to paint very colorful, fantasy paintings that have powerful motion and rhythms.  My dream is to create art that teaches, enlightens, and inspires!

I put my art on a shelf for several years when my children were young so I could train them to run the house when I was ready to start painting again.  I got myself and my family organized and built a home organizing business which may help you get organized as well at  I love organizing because it opens up time to paint!!!

Finally, 2 years ago I started painting again! 

At first, I was scared.  I hadn't painted for years.  What if I'd lost my talent?  What if my family couldn't support my dreams?  What if my children became vagabonds because they're mom became a famous artist!  Anyway, you can probably tell I am a worrier (and a little nutty.)

Anyway, I found strategies to paint that I would like to teach you - even if you have a busy life as a mother, caregiver, employee, business owner, student, etc. 

You can paint! 

You can draw. 

And it can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction!

Here's my first tip!  Sketch or Paint 15-20 hours a week and log it on an logging app on your phone or keep track in a notebook.  15-20 hours a week may seem crazy, but it's surprisingly doable!  Keep track of your hours for 90 days. 

When I started logging my hours, I found that by Friday usually I'd only painted 5 hours so I started carrying my sketch bag with me all day Saturday and I'd somehow get my 15 hours finished! 

Always carry a sketch bag with you is my other tip! 

I remember one week my son said, "Mom, you have painted 60 hours this week!  I am struggling and I think I will have psychological damage.  I need you to clean my kitchen!"

I listened to him and wondered, 'did I really paint 60 hours this week?'  I checked my log. 

I calmly responded, "Son, I only painted 17 hours this week.  I've been home the whole time and I think you are going to be ok.  Go and clean the kitchen."  He wandered out of the room and cleaned the kitchen.

BooYah!!!  I am a mom and I can have a LIFE!!!  I can do something for myself and the house will not fall apart!  I became a lot happier developing my talents and my children eventally, were happy that their mom was more happy too!

So, remember my tips:
1-  Log your sketching hours for 90 days
2- Always carry a sketch bag with you wherever you go!

Your friend,
Krystal Meldrum
The Color Dancer

P.S. How do you accomplish your talent hours?