My Favorite Books and Tools


Krystal has written 2 books for women to gain the tools of self-care, organizing one’s home and family and training one’s family to maintain the home available on Amazon. The Organize Your Joy Workbook: How to Create Your Happiness Magic and Get Organized too! and coming out in late July 2019 Discover Your Joy: The Self-Care Journal.

Andrew Loomis is one of my favorite art instructors!  He simplifies drawing, learning the figure, and learning design & composition principles.  His books used to be out of print, but now they are available again!!!  If you can't buy them, go to Barnes & Noble to peruse them on the shelves or get them on Inter-library Loan through your local library.  They're amazing!  Figure Drawing For all it's Worth is my favorite figure drawing book, but it does have nudes on the cover and in the back of the book, so I would recommend getting Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation & Drawing the Head and Hands for children. 

The Artist's Way is my favorite book to overcome fear, discouragement, indecision, and roadblocks on your artistic journey!  Two tools that it teaches are artist field trips and morning pages!  These tools have helped me over so many walls on my journey!!!  I will post a blog post soon about these powerful tools!

The Last 4 books on the page teach everything I learned in my college illustration program to take an idea from one's imagination into a fully realistic or fantasy illustration.  Norman Rockwell Illustrator shows his process of creative thumbnails, sketches, color studies, photo reference to create his Saturday Evening Post Covers.  Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis is the Illustrator's Bible on design, perspective, etc.  James Gurney shows in Imaginative Realism how to create Dinotopia from maquettes, photos, etc.  Loish in her book The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes give her similar process of sketching and taking a painting to life with digital media.

Digital Tools

I have always been a paper and pencil, but I after getting the iPad Pro I loved creating sketches and especially using the perspective tools!  I able to do concept sketches when we are traveling in the car!  It is so much easier.  I use a program called Procreate.  I have never used an easier program. 

This case and keyboard are lightweight and so easy to carry. I like the Ipad Pro better than a wacom tablet because you get to actually draw right on the screen!

The pen feels so good in your hand and it is pressure sensitive on the tip and the side of the tip! Watch someone on YouTube video use their Ipad Pro to see what I mean.

The keyboard feels natural and does not have any battery requirements. I love to write books too, so the keyboard allows my Ipad Pro to be my laptop as well! The keyboard is magnetic and pops off when I want to be free of it to just draw.

Procreate copies everything you paint and replays your sketches or paintings which is so fun to watch!

This is way better than getting your children a video consul because they will play with it and actually learn things! My children love it - even the non-artists like to draw on it! It's an amazing tool!

Photography Gear

When creating art I realized really fast that good potography equipement was necessary for not only creating material to work from but also be able to take good pictures of my art for prints.  The items below are things that I own and have loved.  They not only create great pictures but also 1080p video.